Summary of International Conference on Service Sciences(ICSS) in China

With strong collaboration between IBM(UR,CRL), Zhejiang University(ZJU), Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences(ISCAS), 2010 International Conference on Service Sciences (ICSS2010, successfully  held from May 12-14, 2010 at Hangzhou. There were over 134 people attended this event, including 18  IBMer, 111 faculties, researchers and students from 50 universities and research institutes, 2 from enterprises of industry and 6 media friends.

International Conference on Service Sciences(ICSS) is annual academic event initiated by IBM and directed by SSME Advisory and Steering Committee of China, and is also one of the top SSME Community events in China which aims to bring researchers and professionals from government, academia and industry together to discuss issues and share their insights, research and experiences in the areas of service science, management, engineering, solution, education and policy. The result is supposed to influence and benefit the further development of SSME in China and even in the worldwide.

ICSS2010 is co-hosted by IBM, Zhejiang University and Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 163 papers from 14 countries and districts have been received. 74 papers, 11 are from countries and districts other than China Mainland, are accepted after review of Program Committee Members, paper acceptance rate of  ICSS2010  is 45.4% (58% at ICSS2008 and 50% at ICSS2009).

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