Preparing for our future with AI

Since I started leading IBM’s open source AI efforts, I am frequently asked how best to prepare for our future with AI.  While I have a long presentation here, I decided to try to distill it to one slide:


Recently, one member of the audience signed up for Github, during the talk!!!  Got to give him credit where credit is due – and taking a great first step in preparing for the future with AI.



I have *not yet* found a good way to explain GitHub to people…. especially the future of GitHub, when people do not need to know how to program to use it to access AI super-powers.  However, watching this Disney Fantasia clip with Mickey Mouse called Sorcerer’s Apprentice Fantasia is a good hint at what is coming.



Programmers are the conjurers today.  However, find a friend who knows about open source AI on GitHub, even if you are not a programmer.  Find a friend who knows about Tensor2Tensor (T2T), and learn to read and execute the iPython Notebook code.  Start exploring low code environments, like the one offered by Mendix as well.  In the coming years, non-programmers will be able to access AI super-powers on GitHub.  And follow the progress of AI via the leaderboards – see this presentation here.

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