Register for free AI community meeting in San Francisco Feb 20

Register for Free AI Open Community Gathering Featuring TensorFlow

On Feb 20, 9am-1pm, leaders from enterprise AI companies and open source code foundations will meet in San Francisco to deepen collaboration efforts around TensorFlow/Keras for building and sharing open code, data, models, and measuring progress on AI challenge leaderboards.

When: Feb 20, 9am-1pm (try to arrive 30-60 minutes early to pick up badge, etc – it will be crowded.)
Where: Moscone Center, San Francisco
What: Open Source AI, featuring TensorFlow session (Google, IBM, Linux Foundation, others)
Registration required:

Contact me Jim Spohrer <>
for Feb 20 FREE code and for Feb 21-22 DISCOUNT code
STUDENTS with valid IDs can register for FREE for conference, just go to website above

TensorFlow agenda here:


Anticipated agenda…. watch official website above.

Magnus Hyttsten 20 min TensorFlow, The Story So Far
Edd Wilder-James 5 min TensorFlow community update
Pete Warden 15 min TensorFlow support and PR process
Gunhan Gulsoy 15 min How we build and test TensorFlow
Lukasz Kaiser 15 min Tensor2Tensor
Andrie de Vries 15 min R/TensorFlow Integration
Jeremy Lewi 30 min Kubeflow 

Earlier draft…

Part 1 – TensorFlow 9-noon Pacific
9:00 Welcome – Ruchir Puri IBM Fellow and IBM Watson Chief Architect
9:05 TensorFlow Opening Session  (15m) – Google’s  Wolff Dobson
9:20 Community update: The TensorFlow Universe (10m) – Edd-Wilder James, Google
9:30 TensorFlow process and support (15m) – Pete Warden, Google
9:45 How we build and test TensorFlow (15m) – Gunhan Gulsoy, Google
10:00 Tensor2Tensor (15m) – Lukasz Kaiser, Google
10:15 TensorFlow/R integration, Andrie de Vries, RStudio
10:30 BREAK
11:00 Kubeflow (30m) – Jeremy Lewi, Google
11:30 TensorFlow & Kubeflow Town Hall / Q&A (30m) – Panelists: Jeremy Lewi, Martin Wicke, Pete Warden; chair Edd Wilder-James.

Part 2 – AI Communities noon-1pm Pacific
12:00 The Linux Foundation and AI (20m),  Sheryl ChamberlainPhilip DesAutels, Linux Foundation
AI framework project, IBM’s Waldermar Hummer or Scott Boag
And Apache Foundation Talk – stay tuned…
ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 42 – subcommittee on AI, stay tuned, perhaps for IBM’s Steve Holbrook
Running TensorFlow  & Data Science software on mainframes and PowerAI/Mainframes/etc.
12:40pm Final Remarks (20m) – IBM Fellow and IBM Watson Chief Architect Ruchir Puri


Register for Free AI community day.   Contact me for FREE code <>

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