Zanker Recycling Center

Great tour guide for Zanker Recycling Center: Jerame Renteria (with support from Michael Gross)

Lorenzo Napoleone and Federico Columbro (U Rome Tor Vergata) are working on waste management as a smart service system so we were lucky to get a tour of Zanker Recycling today.

Suited up and ready to get in the van.


Hot compressed air separator


inside the belly of the beast – the digestor – creating methane (and smells) to power Zanker Recycling


75 tons per hour of construction and demolition waste – separated


seagulls on treadmill in background

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largest anaerobic digestion facility in the world at Zanker Recycling

From IBM Almaden: Jim Spohrer, Federico Columbro, Lorenzo Napoleone, Spike Narayan, Obinna Anya, Barry Eberly.

From SJSU:  Jacob Tsao,  Femi Aluko

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