here is another textbook on service science…

Chang, CM (2010) Service Systems Management and Engineering: Creating Strategic Differentiation and Operational Excellence. Wiley. NY, NY.

The content is well organized from the 1. introduction and then the transition into engineering management (2. planning, 3. organizing, 4. leading, 5. controlling) to business fundamentals (6. cost accounting, 7 financial accounting, 8. marketing management) to leadership (9. SSME leaders, 10. ethics, 11. knowledge management, 12. innovation, 13. operational excellent, 14. globalization).   The cases, examples, and questions throughout are very good.  The appendix of selected case summary and the index of concept are useful reference resources.

The coverage of T-shaped professionals in the introduction was good.   I felt that the textbook struck a good balance between engineering and management as well as quantitative and qualitative approaches.

Areas to consider for future versions: (1) more on government and public sector service systems, (2) more on value proposition design and other aspects of service design, and (3) more on the historical evolution of societal service systems.

In sum, the quantity and qualitative of relevant material is excellent.

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