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Dear Colleagues,
as anticipated during our last email interaction for the paper to be published in JOSM, we are very pleased to announce you the next WOSC Congress that will be held in Rome at Sapienza, 25-27 January 2017, in collaboration between the World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics (WOSC) and the Association for research on Viable Systems (ASVSA).
We cordially invite you to join the Congress and would be very grateful if you could share this announcement and the following Call for Abstracts with your colleagues and friends.
Looking forward to seeing you in Rome,
Kind regards,
Sergio Barile
WOSC 2017 Chair
Marialuisa Saviano
WOSC 2017 General Coordinator

WOSC 2017 Call for Abstracts

Dear Friends and Colleagues
We are happy to invite you to join us at the WOSC 17th Congress:
Science with and for Society –
Contributions of Cybernetics and Systems

Please, visit the website http://wosc2017rome.asvsa.org/ for further information.

WOSC 2017, the 17th Congress of World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics, will offer a space for conversations about social dynamics from a cyber-systemic perspective.
Its realisation is supported by a network of scientists from different parts of the world, which foretells an event more integrated than the usual running of parallel tracks.
The construction of its agenda has been highly participative; efforts have been made to support diversity within the shared thematic of Science with and for Society. In particular, we want to focus on challenges of the 21st century.
We will welcome submissions of extended abstracts, focused on any of the Congress´s 16 tracks, which have been organised in three themes.
Themes and tracks
Theme1: People, technology and governance for sustainability
1. Human aspects of managing systems
2. Smartness and sustainability
3. Smart technologies and big data
4. The Brain of the future
5. Governance in the Anthropocene: cybersystemic possibilities
Theme 2: Democracy, interactions and organisation
6. Community self-organization
7. Democracy and transparency
8. Interactions revolution: how to harmonise interactions within and between complex adaptive systems
9. Law, commons, social dynamics
10. Knowledge to manage the knowledge society: non explicit, non invasive and non directive management
11. The role of emergence within organizations
12. The role of Higher Education for Sustainable Development
Theme 3: Cyber-systemic thinking, modelling and epistemology
13. How can systems thinking help to bring solutions to humankind problems in the 21st century?
14. Think outside the box with Systems Dynamics
15. Quantum Modelling
16. Reflexivity, Second order science, and Context
Submitting an abstract:
Submitted and accepted extended abstracts, presented at the Congress will be published in the “WOSC 2017 Book of Abstracts”.
In order to submit an extended abstract, authors need to consider Author Guidelines
Refereed Publication of Congress papers
Authors with an accepted abstract will be invited to submit a full research paper and attend the Congress. Papers, presented at the Congress, will be considered for the publication in one of the following journals:
• Kybernetes,
• International Journal of Systems and Society,
• Futures,
• International Journal of Markets and Business Systems
Further leading journals are under consideration for Special Issues. Please, follow updates on the website.
Instructions for full paper submission will be available in Instructions for Full Paper Submissions in the Submission option of the website.
Summary of Congress Schedule
• 30 August 2016: extended abstracts submission deadline
• 15 October 2016: notification of acceptance
• 15 November 2016: early registration deadline
• 15 November 2016: registration deadline for accepted authors
• 20 December 2016: tentative congress program
• 10 January 2017: full papers submission
• 15 January 2017: official congress program
• 25-27 January 2017: WOSC 2017 Congress
Please register on http://wosc2017rome.asvsa.org/

Looking forward to seeing you in Rome,
Professor Raul Espejo
Scientific Director WOSC 2017
Director General of the WOSC
Professor Sergio Barile
Chair WOSC 2017
Sapienza, University of Rome

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