Engelbart on Improving Improvement

Doug Engelbart is most well-known for the invention of the mouse, and being an internet pioneer (the first leg of the internet connected to his lab in California).

However, for those who know his work, these contributions are not the most significant.

Doug’s vision for improving improvement to better tackle complex, urgent problems is to many his most significant contribution.

Here is one of Doug Engelbart’s papers on that topic:

Improving Our Ability to Improve: A Call for Investment in a New Future

My favorite quote from that paper is this:

The shovel is a tool, and so is a bulldozer. Neither works on its own, “automating” the task of digging. But both tools augment our ability to dig. And the one that provides the greatest augmentation, not surprisingly, takes the most training and experience in order to use it really effectively.

The capability infrastructure requires the co-evolution of the tool system and the human system as Doug so simply put it.

The above paper was part of the 2003 IBM Research – Almaden, San Jose, CA event:

Symposium on the Coevolution of Technology and Business Innovation

More pointers to that event below….



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