What service innovation could disrupt Amazon?

interesting read for ISSIP SIG and COI leaders found by Butch Casanova, ISSIP Texas

NYTimes.com: How Amazon’s Long Game Yielded a Retail Juggernaut

from article…
Of course, many other retailers could build services like Prime; in fact, many are. But it could take them years to catch up.
“The thing about retail is, the consumer has near-perfect information,” said Paul Vogel, an analyst at Barclays. “So what’s the differentiator at this point? It’s selection. It’s service. It’s convenience. It’s how easy it is to use their interface. And Amazon’s got all this stuff already. How do you compete with that? I don’t know, man. It’s really hard.”

also consider distribution as a service – Kivuto – http://kivuto.com/

what service innovation could disrupt Amazon?

perhaps a cognitive service that optimized your budget for buying what you want, when you want it, within your budget…




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