Book: All Services, All The Time (McDavid)

All Services, All The Time: How Business Services Serve Your Business

Organizations are living systems. Like living things, they are born, develop, mature and experience health and illness along the way. Unhealthy organizations often die untimely
deaths. But they can restore their health by adopting and integrating throughout a pervasive services perspective.

This book explains and promotes that perspective. It demonstrates the pivotal role that business-to-business service providers play in ensuring that a healthy balance is achieved and maintained within organizations.

We explore these factors from the point of view of the business leader, although anyone concerned with the health of any organization may benefit from our discussion.

About the Author: Doug McDavid

Doug McDavid is an information systems expert who has worked in the field for over thirty years. He has led major automation projects for industries as diverse as information science, telecommunications, insurance, travel, and the military. He has been a leader in bridging the worlds of business and information management, including by way of advanced forms of enterprise architecture. He is a consultant, coach and information architect, with special expertise in diagnosing and treating health-related issues of the enterprise. Mr. McDavid is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz.

All Services, All the Time: How Business Services Serve Your Business


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