Attention faculty – some deadlines approaching


Please see the questions/deadline below….


1. HICSS conference
Do you attend HICSS (Hawaii, Jan 5-8)? If so we have a session there on cognitive that you may find interesting.

2. IBM PhD Fellowship nominations
Do you have doctoral students who have interned at IBM?  if so, Oct 27th is deadline to nominate them for highly competitive IBM PhD Fellowship award program.
BTW IBM Internship positions are advertised at the website

3. NSF Smart, People-Centered, Service Systems award program – $1M over 3 years
Do you have IBM colleagues that you collaborative with on cognitive systems? If so, Dec 2nd is deadline to submit a letter of intent to NSF award program.

4. CSIG Speaker Series
Would you like to present to IBMers about your research work? Please contact Dianne Fodell to learn more about the CSIG speaker series call (Thur 10:30am ET).

5. Cognition as a Service (Watson Services on IBM Cloud Bluemix)
Would you like to try teaching, doing research, or building startups based on IBM Cloud Bluemix and Watson Cognitive Services?  If so, register for Bluemix.

6. Watson Engagement Advisor
Would you like to register to teach with Watson Engagement Advisor? Students learn to train up a question-answering system as part of Watson University Programs.

7. CSIG LinkedIn Discussion
Are you interested in contributing to the on going discussion about cognitive assistants for all occupations?  Read and contribute to CSIG LinkedIn discussion.

8. NSF RED – Revolutionizing Engineering Departments
Are you working to transform engineering departments to create more T-Shapes?  Deadline Nov 10, 2015 for NSF RED – NSF Revolutionizing Engineering Departments

9. T Summit talk proposals – National Academies DC March 21-22, 2016
Are you interested in presenting on the topic of next generation education/skills/T-shaped graduates/professionals? Submit T Summit talk proposals by Oct 30th.

Summary URLs:

CSIG LinkedIn discussion:

CSIG speaker series:

HICSS (Hawaii, Jan 5-8):

IBM PhD Fellowship award program:

IBM Internships:

NSF Smart, People-Centered Service Systems award program:

NSF Revolutionizing Engineering Departments:

T Summit talk proposals:

Watson University Programs:

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