Case Studies in Service Innovation: Two day conference June 14th/15th 2010, Manchester, UK

Case Studies in Service Innovation: Two day conference
Monday June 14th and Tuesday June 15th 2010

Hosted by SSMEnetUK and the Centre for Service Research
Manchester Business School, Manchester, England

The aim of this event is to bring together practitioners and researchers to celebrate achievements in Service Innovation. In 2009 the UK witnessed the publication of a number of reports in Service Innovation for example ‘Supporting Innovation in Services’ from BERR/BIS UK Government Department of Business Innovation and Skills and ‘Hidden Wealth: The Contribution of Science to Service Sector Innovation’ from the Royal Society.

Professor David Rhind, who chaired the Royal Society’s report’s working group, said:

“The service sector generates between half and three quarters of the world’s wealth and accounts for over eighty percent of employment in the UK.  Despite this, little research has been done into how innovation, which drives the expansion of the service sector, develops.” July 2009

In this conference we are calling for examples of Service Innovation so that we can share our understanding and experiences to gain insights into how service innovation develops. Contributions will be included in a Case Book and on the SSMEnetUK website

We have three keynote speakers of international standing in the field who will discuss what service Innovation means to them and provide examples from their own experience. The keynote speakers are:

  • Stephen K.Kwan, PhD, Professor of Management Information Systems, College of Business, San Jose State University, California, USA
  • George Miller, Client Industry Executive and Global Head of Marketing, BT Global Services, London, England
  • Ian Miles, PhD, Professor of Technological Innovation and Social Change, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, Manchester Business School, England

We would like all participants in the conference to submit their own case studies or examples of service innovation. Case studies in Service Innovation can include but are not limited to following areas:

  • Innovation at the convergence of manufacturing and services
  • Consumer led innovation or consumers as part of the innovation process
  • Innovative services associated with sustainability and resource efficiency
  • Service innovation in the public sector or voluntary sector
  • Service innovation in education and government
  • Technology led service innovation
  • Service innovation that improves productivity and business performance
  • Service innovation that improves the quality of life
  • Example of small business service innovation

Contributors are asked to submit a two page description of their Service Innovation case using the template provided. The event is sponsored by SSMEnetUK and the Centre for Service Research at Manchester and there will be no registration charge for contributors.

Key dates:

Expression of Interest (indicating that you intend to submit a case): anytime

Submission of the two page case for review:April 16th

Final submission of the case: May 14th

Please see for further details

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