Intro Talk and Some Resources

This talk will provide a very brief introduction to service science and service-dominant logic. A historical perspective on the importance of service and service innovation will be followed by a discussion of (1) ways of thinking about value, and (2) ways of thinking about the future of service.   The International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (pronounced I-ZIP) is a non-profit professional association that provides access to a network of people and free resources to help students, faculty, practitioners, and other professionals learn about Service Innovation from a Service Science and Service-Dominant Logic perspective.   To improve value co-creation in existing service systems, it is helpful to understand how groups use practical tools such as Value Network Mapping and Analysis.   To inspire the design of new service innovations and value co-creation mechanisms, it is helpful to understand important technology, business, and societal trends, such as cognitive systems.
Additional Resources:

Service Science Blog website:
Service Dominant Logic website:
Practical Tool (OnLine Book): Thinking About Value with Value Network Analysis (Verne Allee)

Example Technology Trend Discussion – Cognitive Systems

Example Technology Trend Website – Cognitive Systems
ISSIP website:

ISSIP Discussion:

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