Trends in Sourcing and Re-Shoring

Regarding trends and ongoing ISSIP discussions on sourcing and re-shoring…  manufacturing is becoming a local recycling service and call-centers are becoming self-service cognitive systems learning from crowd-sourcing….

(1)ISSIP COI (Community of Interest) on Next Gen Manufacturing:  A weekly 30 min informal call series (community of interest) on the topic of next-generation manufacturing, many topics will be discussed, but my primary interest is in re-shoring of manufacturing, with special interest in manufacturing as a local recycing service for paper, plastic, glass, copper, steel rebar, cloth, etc. and other commodities.

(2) ISSIP SIG (Special Interest Group) on Service Futures: A monthly 30 min informal call series (special interest group) on service futures, including the topic of re-shoring of call center and knowledge-work evia new cognitive systems for more complex knowledge-work.

The theoretical perspective that I take in both of the above has to do with sustainability and resilience of holistic service systems (nations, states, cities, universities, etc.)…

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Note: The Z-Theory of Work Transformation in the above paper.

Spohrer, J., Piciocchi, P., & Bassano, C. (2012).
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Note: The IBM Smarter Planet connections in the above paper.

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