Global 1000 Startup Showcase

Today I was at the Global 1000 Startup Showcase in Menlo Park, CA.

There was a good discussion about industry models of working with universities and startup companies from Huawei, Tyco, Dell, Microsoft, Intel, and IBM.

The win-win-win – where big company, startup company, and customers all benefit – was highlighted.

I mentioned the following IBM programs and learned a lot about the programs from other large industry players represented on the panel.

IBM Smart Camps – global events and IBM mentors

IBM Global Entrepreneur Program – access to platform and tools

IBM Partnerworld – programs for partners

IBM Supplier Connect – small and medium companies selling to global 1000

IBM Acquisitions – about one a month for the last ten years

IBM University Programs – 6 R’s (research, readiness, recruiting, revenue, responsibilities, and regions)

Two key challenges: (1) working with universities to create more T-shaped graduates with depth and breadth across disciplines, sectors, cultures, and (2) simplifying complex integration of multiple companies’ offerings.

ISSIP (International Society of Service Innovation Professionals) exists to promote T-shaped innovators professional development, across disciplines, sectors, and cultures.  ISSIP is also promoting mentorships between industry and academics – perhaps a 10x increase in mentorships could lead to a 2x increase in internships.  If you have an interest in T-shapes, mentorships, and the the transformation of universities to align with regional economic development groups, please feel free to contact me at

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