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The National Science Foundation has a new group NSF Smart Service Systems now on LinkedIn…

…got me thinking about Service-related LinkedIn groups that have excellent discussions.

Here are some service-related LinkedIn Groups (membership numbers as of July 27, 2013):

NSF Industry-Academe Enabling Smart Service Systems group(20 members) started two days ago is about service system innovations, and linking industry, academics, and government, to help identify knowledge gaps and close them.

BizArchitect’s Community group (6,457 members) is about a relatively new profession.

The International Service Design Network group (4,789 members) is where it is at for service design discussions.

TSIA’s Technology Service Professionals Collaboration Network group (3,230 members) has great discussions about IT-service business  best practices and the TSW conference, which is excellent for networking with industry professional who care about service business transformation and maximizing revenue and profits.

Service Researchers group (863 members) has broad ranging discussions about service research.

Service Science group (826 members) has excellent service science discussions, a new academic trandiscipline that borrows from, but does not replace, service operations, service marketing, economics and service sector studies, information systems and work system and service-oriented architecture studies, computer science and service computing and web service studies, service systems engineering, service design, and more.

The Cambridge Service Alliance group (484 members) has excellent “servitization” discussions.

SERVSIG group (429 members) has excellent service marketing discussions.

Platforms and Business Model Strategies group (238 members) has excellent discussions about what are the top platform innovations today, and how they are driving new business models.

Service 2.0 group (223 members) has excellent discussions about Service 2.0 capabilities and drivers of change.

The International Society of Service Innovation Professional group (51 members) is new too, and has excellent discussions about T-shaped service innovations and is an umbrella professional association.



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