Augmented Intelligence Grand Challenge

For those who want to understand augmented intelligence, here are some nice introductory pointers:

Sean Gourley TEDx Auckland

Erik Brynjolfsson TED Talk 

IWB on Kelly/Hamm Age of Cognitive Computing

Kelly/Hamm Age of Cognitive Computing


Engelbart had the original vision

(Doug just passed, a great visionary and friend:

Clayton Christensen on Disruptive Innovation versus Efficiency Innovation

E O Wilson – Evolution of social intelligences

Herb Simon – Software Programs as Factors of Production

Of course, what is exciting for the service scientists , those who understand AEIOU Framework (Abstract-Entity-Interaction-Universal), is to see the trend.  As we contemplate the coming age of many more service system entities with augmented intelligence…. not just individual people with augmented intelligence, but businesses with augmented intelligence, universities with augmented intelligence, cities with augmented intelligence, and nations with augmented intelligence — all social and all learning from each other at an accelerating rate.

The Contextual Enterprise and the Age of Cognitive Computing

Nested, networked entities learning to learn – learning the rewards and risks of new knowledge, from which we derive capabilities, rights, and responsibilities – aspects of culture.

Service, in which entities interact to achieve outcomes (apply knowledge for mutual benefits, or value co-creation).

Service innovation, in which entities interact to achieve outcomes (scaling the benefits of new knowledge are, globally and rapidly).

ISSIP: T-shaped service innovators