How to be a great ISSIP new member!

ISSIP is relatively new, so being a “Great New Member” is relatively easy and fun!!!

(1) go to the webite and register – fast and complementary – so that should not be a problem

(2) make sure you are ISSIP social media savvy!!!
(a) LinkedIn account – update to say you are a member of the ISSIP Professional Association, and join the LinkedIn ISSIP community
(b) Twitter account – start tweeting service innovation related URLs to @The_ISSIP #ISSIP with URLs
(c) Know how to make a video and upload it to YouTube

(3) make sure you are ISSIP SIG savvy!!!

(a) Contact the SIG Chair (and Vice Chair) to let them know your interest

Service Futures (
Education and Research (,
Usability & User Experience (
Cloud & Mobility/Big Data & Social (

(2) Start identifying URLs to interesting examples, case studies for the SIGs – and tweet them!

(3) Join the SIG calls and listen in

(4) Do a new member intro presentation on a SIG call

(4) other things

(1) contribute items to the ISSIP newsletter

(2) review ISSIP “Help Wanted” and chip in

(3) help recruit new members!!


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