Join ISSIP SIG Education and Research

Dear Service Innovation Professional or Student,

Do you have 30 minutes a week to develop your professional depth and breadth?

If so, please register at (its fast and free).

Service innovators are T-shaped, with both depth and breadth of knowledge and experience.

The International Society of Service Innovation Professionals ( and SIG Education & Research would welcome you.

Haluk Demirkan ( can add your name the SIG Google Drive.

Once you register at ISSIP and email Haluk, you will have:

(1) Access to SIG presentations with goals, objective, and some of the projects for 2013

(2) Access to the member list and presentation calendar.

(3) Access to weekly additions to SIG Education and Research content.

(4) Let us know when you would like to share your new member talk.

We are asking each new member (“no rush”) to…

(1) Register at ISSIP and with this registration link it is free and fast.

(2) Attend a weekly 30 minute call (Wed 7:30am PST/10:30am EST (For US and Europe, etc.) or (Wed 5:00pm PST)

(3) Present in one these weekly calls (“member intro presentation” – this can be about you, your work, research, teaching and/or professional orientation on service science & innovation, and your interests in helping the SIG) to be posted to SIG content page. No rush on when you present.
Member list with a calendar is available at online. Please let Haluk ( when you would like to present.

(4) Send Yassi Moghaddam ( a 2-3 minute intro video, nothing fancy here is mine – for posting to ISSIP blog, so other can get to know you.

(5) On Twitter follow @The_ISSIP and tweet items of relevant with hashtag #ISSIP

We would like to build a global organization with a strong foundation of contributors who spend about 30 to 60 minutes a week developing as professionals (and helping others develop)  in this important topic of service innovations. Please us me know when you would like to present, so we can include your name in the presentation calendar.

Thank you and “Go T-shaped service innovators!!!”
SIG Education & Research Leadership

Jim Spohrer (

Haluk Demirkan (

Format of our weekly calls is following:
Type 1 callsSome calls will be new member intro calls
· Every member is encouraged to invite at least one new person a month to present
· For example, invite people teaching service science related courses
· For example, Jim invited Prof. Kelly Lyons to present on Feb 13th
· Haluk will schedule the speakers
·I f we each invite one new person a month, we will get to 100 or so by end of year
Type 2 calls Some calls will be updates by leaders of sub-SIG activities
· For example, Ralph might give up an update on the survey work
· sub-SIG updates can ask for help, report on results, provide status, etc.
· we should do at least one or two of these a month
· all members are encouraged to lead/join sub-SIG activities
Type 3 calls – Some calls will be general discussion, review SIG presentation and actions

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