Student project ideas for service science

Here are some ideas for student projects to help advance service science:

1. Service culture study
– as you know part of being T-shaped is academic discipline, industry sector, and regional culture diversity
– each student could take a major country in the world and research service culture for that nation
– for start-ups that want to go global understanding how service culture varies by big population nations could be of interest
top sixteen workforce populations are: China, India, US, Nigeria, Indonesia, Germany, Japan, etc.
do these countries have import-export surpluses? for goods, for service? what are cultural variations for scaling service innovations
how are hotel different in each country? how is transportation different?
2. Can students help build a semantic service science web with people in Romania?
– contact and
3. Grand challenge problems and crowdfunding
– Would the students be able to mobilize a national grand challenge competition

4. Service research centers
– what are the top service research centers around the world by country?
– who are top service researchers in each country?
– what is their top publication? in what journal? what conferences do they attend?

5. Service science related courses and programs
– what are the top service science related courses in the world?
– who teaches them?
– what is the syllabus?

6. What is the best interview format for 2-3 minute videos of service innovation pioneers?
– I am using iMovie on my MacBook Air
– how can we create a good format that has slides, video talking head, etc.
– we post these to


Hope some of these ideas are useful….

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