Advice setting up service science courses

This from Wendy Murphy on setting up new service science related courses:

1. Helpful materials are located from this page:
2. Many blog entries by Jim are posted at:
3. And you should join too, and perhaps the SIG on service education and research.  While this group is new, they’ll be collecting information about service science education around the world and trying to help make sense of it all!

Send email to saying “I am interested in more information about ISSIP SIG Education and Research”

We believe a service science related course can provide the breadth to help students become more T-shaped service innovators.   Depth in just about any field, but breadth in understanding service systems and service innovation can be very helpful in the age of service platforms that scale the benefits of new knowledge globally and rapidly.  From IT platforms (cloud, smart phones, smart city intelligent operation centers) to Organization platforms (franchises) to education and skills platforms (MOOCs) – understanding service science and service innovation is a great way to prepare for the future.


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