Companies: Service Innovations for Cities

IBM Smarter Cities

Cisco Connected Cities

SAP  Urban Matters

Citicorp for Cities

McKinsey Cities

Oracle Solution for Smart Cities

Ericsson Smart Cities Vision

Microsoft Living PlanIT

HP Rebuilding Cities Right

Siemens Sustainable Cities

ABB Smart Girds make Sustainable Cities


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  4. Foundation too…

    Rockefeller Foundation Launches $100 Million Challenge to Build Resilient Cities
    To mark the centennial anniversary of its founding, the Rockefeller Foundation has announced the launch of a $100 million challenge to help one hundred cities build greater resilience.

    Through the 100 Resilient Cities Centennial Challenge, the foundation will invite municipal officials and leaders of major institutions within a city to apply for support to develop and implement a plan for building city-level resilience in anticipation of future disasters and in a way that addresses the needs of the poor and most vulnerable. The foundation will announce the winning cities in three rounds over the next three years, with the final round of winners to be announced in 2015.

    Each winning city will receive three forms of support: assistance in creating a plan, along with tools, technical support, and resources for implementation; membership in the foundation’s network of 100 Resilient Cities, which will provide support aimed at fostering knowledge sharing among its members; and support for the hiring of a “chief resilience officer” to oversee the development of a resilience strategy for the city and be part of the 100 Resilient Cities learning network.

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