CFP: Through-Life Engineering Services (Cranfield UK, Nov 5-6 2013)

2nd International conference on


5th & 6th November 2013
Cranfield, Cranfield University, UK


Organiser: EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Through-life
Engineering Services


Deadline: 15th February 2013
[Submission of session/tutorial and paper abstract (max 500 words with
title, full details of the authors and the contact details) proposals]


Successful high technology manufacturing companies are offering a range of
interlinked high value products and through-life engineering services. These
high value products are typically technology intensive, expensive and
reliability critical requiring cost effective and value led services (such
as maintenance, repair and overhaul) throughout the life cycle.

The EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Through-life Engineering
Services is delighted to announce the second International Conference in
this vital area. Through-lie Engineering Services typically now generates 50
– 60% of the revenue in many companies and the opportunities for industry in
the future are set to expand and become a major part of those that want to
survive in the 21st Century. The service that is needed will involve
manufacturers taking more whole life service responsibilities than they have
in the past as users seek to find solutions to smooth their in-year costs
and reduce overheads.

The Conference brings experts and researchers in this area together to
exchange ideas and progress in providing solutions to provide world-class
capability to enable industry to deliver high value products with
outstanding availability, predictability and reliability with the lowest
life cycle cost.

Call for Industrial Exhibition
Organisations around the world are invited to book a stand to exhibit their
products and services in through-life engineering services. The conference
will allow the organisations to show case their exhibits in front of their
potential customers and network with world-class academics for future

All accepted full papers, and working in progress abstracts will be
published by Cranfield University Press in a pre-conference bound volume and
a CD with an ISBN number.

TESConf 2012 will aim to bring together engineers and scientists from
academia, research institutes and industry to network and discuss
developments and advances in manufacturing; with particular emphasis being
placed on applications, typically including sessions on the following
* Fundamentals of system sustainment and service design and delivery
* Fundamentals of complex engineering systems¹ maintenance, repair and
* Design and Manufacture for the Service
* Service Design, Planning and Delivery
* Service and Support Engineering
* Service Cost Engineering
* Service Informatics
* Service Attribute Modelling and Simulation
* Service Performance and Quality Management
* Service Network Analysis and Modelling
* Service Uncertainty and Risk Analysis and Management
* Service Operations Management
* Human Performance in Service
* Integrated Maintenance Systems-Life Cycle Engineering
* Degradation Analysis
* Diagnostics and Prognostics
* Advanced Sensor Technologies
* Repair Technologies
* Obsolescence Management
* Counterfeit Component Detection
* Design and Manufacture to Protect Against the Counterfeits
* Maintenance Management
* Self-healing and Self-repair Technologies to Improve Robustness of Systems
* Intelligent Maintenance
* e-Maintenance




Professor Rajkumar Roy
Head of Manufacturing and Materials Department
Director, The EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Through-life
Engineering Services

Cranfield University
Building 70
Cranfield, Bedford
MK43 0AL

Tel: +44 (0)1234 758555; Fax: +44 (0)1234 758292


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