Some Key Words and Concepts

“service science” speak to “hot topic business” speak

service science is to the 21st Century -> as computer science was to 20th Century

big adjective: service -> smarter or social

big phrase: service ecology  -> Smarter Planet, Social Business

big phrase: service systems -> Smarter Systems

big phrase: holistic service systems -> Smarter Cities, Smarter Regions

big phrase: nested, networked holistic service systems -> Smarter System of Systems

big change: information associated with service systems -> Big Data & Analytics, DEEP QA

big change: technology associated with service systems -> Cloud Computing and HPC (High Performance Computing)

big change: augmented people associated with service systems -> Social Business, Smart Phones/Mobile

big change: organizations responsibility associated with service systems -> CyberSecurity

big phrase: value propositions -> business models

big word: governance -> smarter government, open data, transparent government, Chesbrough’s “Open Services Innovation”

big words: entities, interactions, outcomes -> instrumented, interconnected, intelligent

big phrase: global service delivery center -> Globally Integrated Enterprise

big phrases:  service system learning, run-transform-innovation -> doing more with less, Run-Transform-Innovate, Moore’s “Escaping the Pull of the Past”

big change: defining service systems as dynamic configuration of shared resources -> future is about better access to anything, anytime, anywhere (Internet of Things)

big concept: modeling service systems, CAD for service systems -> Component Business Modeling with KPIs

big concept: service dominant logic or service logic or value co-creation logic -> win-win mindset

big concept: T-shaped professionals -> future innovators can work on teams that are multiple disciplines, industry sectors, cultures (global) doing collaborative innovation

big concept: T-shaped adaptive innovator -> IBM Global Entrepreneur Program and Smart Camps

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