Big Business and Big Blue

For humanities and liberal arts majors, new opportunities arise as big businesses expand their corporate social responsibility efforts and consider a triple bottom-line of people, planet, profits.  This talk is intended to be a gentle introduction to the Forbes Global 2000 (an annual ranking of the largest public companies in the world) as well as IBM 101 – IBM is 101 years old in 2012.  IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative is discussed from the perspective of opportunities for humanities and liberal arts majors.

Suggested Background Materials:

Forbes Global 2000

Triple Bottom-Line and Corporate Social Responsibility

IBM’s Sam Palmisano on importance of Liberal Arts & Humanities:

IBM’s Jim Corgel on importance of Liberal Arts & Humanities

Want innovation? Hire humanities

IBM Corporate Responsibility

IBM Centennial

IBM Smarter Planet

Career success and being T-shaped

Join ISSIP to tell your story, and become a better T-shaped innovator

Join Students for a Smarter Planet

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