Service System KPIs: uAlberta $12.3B impact on provincial economy

New university as service system KPIs = Key Performance Indicators

According to a new study, the University of Alberta’s impact on the Alberta economy is estimated to be $12.3 billion, which is 5% of the province’s GDP (or the equivalent of having 135 Edmonton Oilers NHL teams in Alberta). Modelled on similar studies first conducted by UBC in 2009, the uAlberta report concentrated on the direct impact of institutional and visitor spending combined with induced economic impact from university education and research. The study observed that uAlberta alumni earned more because of their university education. It also indicated that uAlberta is a stronger economic driver than the comparator universities used in the study (UBC, Simon Fraser University, and the University of Ottawa). uAlberta alumni resulted in a $4.1-billion education premium, and uAlberta research over the last 30 years was estimated to have an indirect annual impact of $5.7 billion. The uAlberta study follows methodology developed at UBC, but represents the first time comparator universities have been shown side by side, says one of the study’s authors. uAlberta News | Study





  1. This will accelerate the shift to new KPIs for universities:

    The Future of Credentials

    Salman Khan’s thoughts… “It would allow people, in any field, to better themselves and prepare for valuable credentials without being forced to sacrifice money and time that today’s higher education demands. ”

    With educators becoming entrepreneurs as well as teachers:

    “As technology becomes more widely used and accepted in the classroom, teachers are taking their ideas about how to improve learning environments, sharing them online, and creating web-based tools to benefit teachers and students.”

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    STEM Advocate and
    Project Management Thought Leader
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