Service System Analytics

Service Systems Analytics

Dianne Fodell (twitter @difodell) is helping to link thinking about analytics and service systems. She sent me these pointers:

A Faculty Consortium for sharing course materials, data sets and best practices (please encourage faculty to join):

The Academic Initiative BAO Portal (this is primary external site for faculty):

Analytic Zone (primarily Cognos Insights – a community site for users):

Also, since smarter cities and smarter universities are holistic service systems that deliver whole service…. Academic Initiative has real-world tools and educational materials to apply… and this could be relevant to creating a “whole new engineer” (twitter @bigbeacon)

This is of course very much conceptually related to design as well – and real-world-design challenges.
thinking cities video

Those interested in connecting service science, smarter planet (especially smarter cities and smarter universities), and analytics/cloud computing/cybersecurity – can also find more at (twitter @JimSpohrer) and