Service Innovation Policy – OECD Survey and Workshop

Please take the following survey (about five minutes):

The OECD  Working Party on Innovation and Technology Policy (TIP) has launched a project on R&D and innovation in services, which is intended to provide evidence on recent service innovation trends, improve the measurement of service-based activity across sectors, and increase understanding of the role of public policies in promoting such activities. Please see the attached flyer and website for further information about the project:


See flyer for more information:


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  1. Juha Hulkkonen of IBM Finland also suggested this:

    The main objective of the EPISIS project is to facilitate transnational cooperation between policy-makers and innovation agencies in the field of services innovation through parallel policy, strategic and operational level activities. The project shall offer an open platform for discussion on policy recommendations, test new policy approaches in support of services innovation and organise three policy-oriented international conferences.

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