Certificate program in India

IBM and SPJIMR are collaborating in launching a pioneering  Advanced Certificate Program in Services meant for service industry  professionals. As you know services management, operations, quality, human resource management are materially different and the practitioners need to be trained in a specialized manner designed for service professionals.

Keeping this in mind, this advanced program is being launched for  Indian services industry which is more than 50% of the Indian economy.

This is the only program program in India of  this type.

The faculty will have a balance of best in class subject matter experts drawn from IBM, SPJIMR,  national institutes and industry.

There are a limited number of seats and hence I took this initiative of writing to you for the benefit  of appropriate companies.

Attached is the brochure of the program.

In case of any questions, pls. direct them to me or Ms.Madhura Ranalkar.


Dr.Shrikant Parikh
Chairman, IBM-SPJIMR SSME Center
Professor, Information Management, SPJIMR

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