Book: Uplifting Service, by Ron Kaufman

Uplifting Service



We are in a crisis of service. Global economies are transforming at record speed, and our populations are largely unprepared. Customers are angry and complaining. Service providers are irritated to the point of resentment and resignation. We face a service crisis, but how can that be? We live in a world deeply connected by service. In business we have external customer service and colleagues providing internal service. In our communities we depend on government service, military service, and foreign service. Our personal lives are infused with medical, financial, and religious service. Yes, service is everywhere. But there is a painful disconnect between the volume of service in our lives and the quality of service we experience with each other. We lack fundamental principles and actionable models for uplifting service. It doesn’t have to be this way.


Uplifting Service takes readers on a journey along a proven path into a new world of service. Through dynamic case studies, and perspective-changing insights, readers learn how the world’s best performing companies have changed the game in their industries through service — and how you too can successfully follow this path to uplifting transformation. Uplifting Service is a break-through book that will surprise, delight, and uplift every organization, team, or individual. Inside is a proven process for success, which focuses on the rationale, strategy, and actions necessary to build a powerful service culture within five key areas: Why?, Lead, Build, Learn, and Drive.

Ron Kaufman is a global consultant, speaker and educator who specializes in building service cultures in the world’s largest and most respected organizations, including Singapore Airlines, Nokia Siemens Networks, Citibank, Microsoft, and Xerox. Ron is a regular contributor to Bloomberg Businessweek and has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and LIFE magazine. He is the founder of UP! Your Service, a global service education and management consultancy firm with offices in the United States and Singapore.

Pub Date : May 15, 2012
ISBN : 9780984762552
Publisher : Evolve Publishing
Websites :,

“Ron Kaufman has unlocked the mystery of service.”
Marshall Goldsmith
Bestselling Author of
What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

The Proven Path to Delighting Your Customers, Colleagues, and Everyone Else You Meet



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