Call for papers and Invited Sessions Proposals. Submission Deadline: April 11th, 2012

Special Track on Interdisciplinary Research, Education, and Communication Summer IDREC 2012 (

Jointly with The Summer 2nd International Conference on Design and Modeling in Science, Education, and Technology: DeMset 2012 (
July 17th – 20th, 2012 – Orlando, Florida, USA
Non exclusionary Suggested topics
•   Case Studies in the Integration of Academic Activities
•   Case Studies in the Integration of Inter-disciplinary Research, Education, and communication
•   Case Studies in Applying IDREC to Real Life Problem solving
•   Inter-Disciplinary Research
•   Inter-Disciplinary Education
•   Inter-Disciplinary Communication (which includes the communication of disciplinary research to other disciplines)
•   Relationships between Inter-disciplinary Research and Inter-disciplinary Education
•   Relationships between Inter-disciplinary Research and Inter-disciplinary Communication
•   Relationships between Inter-disciplinary Education and Inter-disciplinary Communication
•   ICT support of IDREC
•   Relationships between IDREC and Analogical thinking and/or Creative Thinking

Kinds of Submissions
Submissions will be accepted regarding *THINKING* about and/or *DOING* Inter-disciplinary Research, Education, and/or Communications, as well as regarding their relationships with analogical learning, creativity, and the ways in which ICT might or actually does support them. In this context, *CASE STUDIES* as well as general theories, methodologies, reflections might be the content of submissions to be made to Summer IDREC 2012. DISCIPLINARY RESEARCH may also be submitted as long as at least a 25% of its content is written for INTER-DISCIPLINARY COMMUNICATION.

Technical Keynote Speakers
Technical keynote speakers will be selected from early submissions because the CV of the presenting author will need to be evaluated as well. To be a candidate to participate as a keynote speaker, please send your CV to, AFTER you have already submitted your paper.

Thank you for your time

Special Track IDREC 2012 Co-Organizers

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