Call for Papers Journal Pengurusan (Malaysia): Transformative Service

Call for Papers Journal Pengurusan (Malaysia): Transformative Service

Themed Issue – Journal Pengurusan

Dear All,
Attached is a Call for Papers for Journal Pengurusan (JP)’s themed (special) issue, “Creating & Delivering Service Value thru Transformative Service”. A list of examples of issues relevant for this themed issue is given in the Call 4 papers (deadline for manuscript submission: 30 April 2012 for publication in late 2012).
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Farzana Habib <>

Theme: “Creating and Delivering Service Value through Transformative Service”
JOURNAL PENGURUSAN (UKM’s Journal of Management) is an international scholarly journal indexed in SCOPUS and published by Penerbit UKM, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.
The service industry has grown exponentially in the Asian region since the mid-20th century, and in many countries it now constitutes the most vital component of the economy. The service sector accounts for more than 70 percent of the gross domestic product of economically advanced as well as developing countries. Levels of expectations of service performances are rising as consumers grow wealthier, are better informed and travel more. To stand out from the intense competition and to build a loyal clientele, service companies should strive to improve their service delivery or performances by providing exceptional value to their customers. With the stiff competition and rapid growth in the service industry, interest is also growing among practitioners and academics in learning what the values are and how they should be created, communicated, and delivered to the customers.
Despite a proliferation of studies on the service industry, systematic studies focusing on the various aspects and dimensions of “value creation” have received relatively little attention in the literature.

This “Call for Papers” announces a Themed Issue with a theme “Creating and Delivering Service Value through Transformative Service”. Transformative service research has been generally defined as service research that focuses on “creating uplifting changes and improvements in the well-being of both individuals and communities”. The main purpose is to enhance the quality of life of current as well as future generations via service provisions. Thus, the goal of this themed issue is to provide a body of knowledge that explains the relationships and impacts of the service value offered to the market in improving the well-being of both the individual customer and overall society. Papers are expected to focus on issues, problems, or contexts related to service value, transformative service, or the integration of the two constructs. We also welcome papers that adopt an inter-disciplinary approach, integrating known (or the proposal of new) marketing, finance, and management theories with services theory. This themed issue pursues manuscripts related to topics including, but not limited to:
 Creating and enhancing tools for capturing the value in use for transformative service
 The roles of technology or social networks in value creation and delivery process
 Employees’ roles and participation in value creation and delivery
 Sustainable marketing, service value, and transformative service
 Cross-cultural studies related to service value and transformative service
 Ethical issues in transformative service
 Quality issues in value creation and delivery
 E-service and service value
 The impacts of service value offerings on organizational, customers or society well-being
 Managing service operations to provide better service value
 Internal and/or external value co-creation process
 Communicating and promoting service value and/or transformative service



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