Web Business Operations Management

The new book covers the following topics:

Systems Theory for Business Operations
Decision Making
Technology Across the Value Chain
Electronic Storefronts
Process Effectiveness
Project Definition
Project Planning
Project Scheduling and Cost Control
The new book “Web Business Operations Management”, is about management of successful web businesses. The failures of many Web start ups are caused by trying too hard — at the wrong things. By focusing on functional efficiency, we lose sight of the real goal of innovation: to learn that which is currently unknown. As Denning taught, what matters is not setting quantitative goals but fixing the method by which those goals are attained. We are just beginning to uncover the rules that govern entrepreneurship, a method that can improve the odds of startup success, and a systematic approach to building new and innovative products. This in no way diminishes the traditional entrepreneurial virtues: the primacy of vision, the willingness to take bold risks, and the courage required in the face of overwhelming odds. Our society needs the creativity and vision of entrepreneurs more than ever. In fact, it is precisely because these are such precious resources that we cannot afford to waste them.


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