Textbook New Edition: Who Shall Live? Health, Economics, and Social Choice

“In this classic book, Professor Victor Fuchs draws on his deep understanding of the strengths and limitations of economics and his intimate knowledge of health care institutions to help readers understand the problems every nation faces in trying to allocate health resources efficiently and equitably. In a new Introduction to the second expanded edition, Professor Fuchs examines the major changes in health, medical care, and U.S. health policy of the past four decades. Nine of his more recent papers dealing with poverty and health, aging, the socio-economic correlates of health, the future of health economics, and his recommendations for health care reform accompany the original 1974 text. ”

Health and Economics
Problems and Choices
Who Shall Live?
The Physician: The Captain of the Team
The Hospital: The House of Hope
Drugs: The Key to Modern Medicine
Paying for Medical Care
Health and Social Choice
What Every Philosopher Should Know About Health Economics
Poverty and Health: Asking the Right Questions
From Bismarck to Woodcock: The “Irrational” Pursuit of National Health Insurance
Economics, Values, and Health Care Reform
The Future of Health Economics
‘Provide, Provide’: The Economics of Aging
Reflections on the Socio-Economic Correlates of Health
A Comprehensive Cure: Universal Health Care Vouchers
The Dedicated VAT Solution


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