HICSS 2012 Service Science, Systems and Cloud Computing Services Minitrack@HICSS 45 – Grand Wailea, Maui Island

HalukDemirkan is serving as a co-chair of the “Service Science, Systems and Cloud Computing Services” Minitrack in the Decision Technology, Mobile Technologies and Service Science Track of the upcoming 45th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) (http://www.hicss.hawaii.edu/hicss_45/45dt.htm#DT8).


The deadline for submitting papers to HICSS-45 is coming closer: June 15, 2011.  The topic of this minitrack is in an emerging research need, and there are many areas of interest that are related to the general topic. Please consider submitting your work if it is related to any of!
the specific topics listed and/or if you feel it addresses visions of the future of service oriented computing, science, systems and cloud computing. We encourage you to think “out of the box” for this track, and we expect a range of concepts, tools, methods, philosophies and theories to be discussed.  We thank you, in advance, for your valuable contribution to HICSS-45. Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information.  I look forward to receiving your submission!

Best Regards,
Haluk Demirkan – haluk.demirkan@asu.edu

Service Science, Systems and Cloud Computing Services
Haluk Demirkan-ASU, Michael Goul-ASU*, Susan Bouchard-Cisco Systems

CALL FOR PAPERS: HICSS-45 – January 4-7, 2012 – Grand Wailea, Maui Island

Additional detail may be found on HICSS primary web site: http://www.hicss.hawaii.edu/hicss_45/apahome45.htm

There is a need to apply robust research findings in the appropriate management and organizational contexts related to services innovation, quality, architecture, design and delivery, and the resulting customer satisfaction and business value (Ostrom et al. 2010). The goal of this track is to explore the challenges, issues and opportunities related to the innovation-services-based economy – from conceptualization to practical implementation. We are interested in novel approaches to “Service Systems”, “Cloud Computing Services”, “Technical and managerial approaches to service-oriented architecture, infrastructure, data, business processes, workflows and strategy”. Possible topics of applied, field and empirical research include, but are not limited to:
*         Service innovation and issues in service systems design
*         Theories and approaches for integrating and/or sourcing services and cloud computing management and automated business process management
*         Theories, challenges and impacts of service-orientation on enterprises, organizations and individuals
*         Theories and approaches for services architecture, infrastructure, processes, workflows
*         Planning, building and managing service infrastructure
*         Co-production/creation/innovation as driving components of service orientation
*         Decision models and decision support systems for service-related management and operations
*         Data services and data management service level agreements
*         Service discovery, design, modeling, delivery, deployment, measurement, maintenance, bundling and marketing
*         Services implications to value chains, networks, constellations and shops
*         Service-oriented enterprise industry standards and solution stacks
*         Service-based grid/utility/autonomic computing infrastructure designs, approaches and implementations
*         Service security, privacy and trust in distributed service networks
*         Ontology, semantic web and business rules for services computing
*         Service oriented solution patterns, choreographies, orchestrations and repositories
*         Infrastructures, standards and inter-organizational practices for federations of service-oriented enterprises
*         Managing service networks in the supply chain and procurement management context
*         Case studies of service systems and cloud computing implementation and management
*         Design of service blueprints for IT services
*         Self-service and smart technologies and management
*         Automated service-level agreement negotiation and orchestration
*         Collaborative service management in  B2B and B2C e-commerce
*         B2B and B2C processes for service negotiation, operations, and management
*         The commoditization of business processes (e.g. out-tasking, ITIL, SCORE)
*         The commoditization of  software (e.g. the software-as-service model – SaaS, software oriented architecture-SOA, application service providers-ASP)
*         The commoditization of  hardware (e.g., on-demand, utility computing, cloud computing, software oriented infrastructure with virtualized resources – SOI, infrastructure service providers-IaaS)

June 15 – Submit full manuscripts for review. The review is double-blind; therefore this submission must be without author names.
Receive acceptance notification by August 16.
Revise your manuscript to add author names. If required, make other changes.
Submit Final Paper for Publication by September 15.

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