CFP 17th Americas Conference on Information Systems

17th Americas Conference on Information Systems (
August 4-7, 2011,  Detroit, MI, USA

TRACK: Health Care IT
MINITRACK: The Business of Health

As described in Connie Vance and Elaine Larson’s research, Leadership Research in Business and Health Care, most of the literature on health care and business leadership consists of anecdotal or theoretical discussion. Although management and leadership literature points out the fact that leadership styles can have a major influence on performance and outcomes, minimal transfer of this work to the health care system is evident.

The Business of Health is an essential element necessary to facilitate the knowledge transfer from science to the population.  Scientific discovery is only the first step, healthy health systems and policies are also an integral aspect of making sure that the science can deliver all the benefits it has to offer our societies.

With limited resources and capacity there is a need to ensure that economics, management and systems enhance our ability to deliver better outcomes in terms of improvements in quality of life and well-being.

Taking medical science from the laboratory to the patient requires innovative cost-effective, well-managed procedures and systems and this the key focus of the business of health.

Business academics working with medical scientists, health care professionals, and policy makers can make a real difference in terms of the ability to turn theory into practice to the benefit of society. In their extensive literature review, Vance and Larson found limited research on leadership and health care outcomes, such as changes in patient care or improvements in organizational outputs, and concluded that “in this era of evidence-based practice, such research, although difficult to conduct, is urgently needed”.

The Business of Health mini-track solicits papers that focuses on many traditional as well as contemporary healthcare management areas, including, but not limited to:
Understanding the success or failure of e-Health initiatives in different parts of the world
Value Driven e-health Solutions
Implementation and communication challenges of delivering health initiatives (e.g. vaccination)
Public health education
Patient-centered versus transaction-based healthcare services
Current or future capabilities of healthcare system to cope with pandemic outbreaks
Best practice models for volunteer health workers
Modeling and simulating (e.g. that of patient care processes)
Design and implementation of healthcare information systems
The business of illicit drug (e.g. tobacco or alcohol) consumption
Child health in developing countries
Economic drivers of health


Deadline for paper submissions: February 17, 2011
Final copy due: April 21, 2011

Hossein S. Zadeh

Nilmini Wickramasinghe

Brian Corbitt

Guodong Gau, University of Maryland
Nirup Menon, George Mason University

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