ITSM Program In Atilim University

IBM and Atılım University initiate Information Technologies Service Management (ITSM)Master Science Program aimed at training IT service management specialists.

Signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement was held on September 2, 2010 with the participation of Jale Akyel, IBM Turkey University Relations Leader, Prof. Dr. Abdurrahim Özgenoğlu, Rector of Atılım University and Prof. Dr. Ali Yazıcı, Head of Software Engineering Dept.

Under the ITSM Masters Program which will be conducted in the field of SSME / Services Sciences Management, development of the IT service system is aimed in line with the targets related to productivity, quality, performance, compliance, growth and learning. Students graduated from undergraduate departments of the universities in IT systems, software, computer, management and industrial engineering and those currently working in the IT field in the industry will be entitled to apply for the ITSM program to commence in the fall semester of academic year 2010-2011. Students graduated from business administration and other fields of engineering will also be entitled to apply for the program which will be given with or without thesis with the condition of taking few prep classes.

Atilim Image Curriculum, which will be offered to the students, has been prepared jointly by IBM Turkey University Relations team, Paul Kontogiorgis, IT Services Program Director at IBM USA and Atılım University. Under the program, cooperation is made with the universities and research centers abroad in addition to the industry. Thereby, students and instructors will have the opportunity to observe various projects, teams and fields of study as well as specializing by practicing at IBM software labs which will be established at the university.

Aimed at training the managers acquainted with technologies to support business strategies and bridging the gap in the industry, the ITSM program is currently conducted at the leading universities such as “Massachusetts Institute of Technology”, “University of California”, “École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne”, “Bocconi School of Management” and “University of Manchester ” with IBM’s cooperation.

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